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Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo
Artist Statement

Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo, aka Bonesy, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Puerto Rico. Her work explores the idea of the golden shadow as coined by Carl Jung. The Golden Shadow is the brightest gift that lives within each of us when we are in alignment with our purpose. It is something that exists and is often resisted or dismissed by many people. Through the artists own continual journey of personal development she expresses her discoveries through a number of series including the yoga series, the Goddess series and her instagram filters, including Goddess Mode. Nature and technology come together in her work, which questions the fallacy that they are mutually exclusive. Through augmented reality, the observer can directly interact with the paintings, cultivating a more active viewing experience.

In the Yoga series, figures are often concealed in nature expressing the idea that people and nature are in fact one, and not as separate as we are often taught. The practice of yoga itself is a connection to the divine within and the divine that exists in all things. The figures in this series adopt yoga poses that may be familiar to many, and entwine with forms of the flora in the composition.

The Goddess series builds on this and reminds us of the divinity within. All of these women are in their element, in joy and alignment with their purpose, including the glow of their golden shadows. Many of these pieces have an augmented reality component as well, bringing the goddess to life. The painting “Goddess of the Kitchen” for example, animates her dancing while she is cooking magnifying her divine energy beyond what a painting can normally express.

The Goddess Mode filter is a reminder to embrace the Goddess within and express it in the playful golden luminous light that could never be dimmed. When using the filter the sitter is also bestowed a heavenly crown. In the personal development world, the “shadow work” is necessary to break through that which holds us back from becoming our best selves. However, this can create an energy of darkness and focus on what is “wrong” instead of what is “right” about us. The golden shadow is a beautiful reminder of all the IS working in our lives. The Goddess Mode filter is a tool to recalibrate our thoughts to how we are amazing instead of where we are lacking.

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