Mili and Pulgas is part of my series on feelings of a pandemic. Even though we have all been isolated throughout this time, at least we still have our pets. Touch is such a huge part of our lives, one that we may have taken for granted in a pre-COVID world. Now more than ever I am understanding that humans are social beings. In a global world of virtual connections, this pandemic has pushed us to the extremes of isolation. We were already heading down this road before the quarantine and I hope that we can shift away from it as a society and head back to community and connection. Puerto Rico has the strictest quarantine laws in the US. The series has elements from the island sprinkled in each piece, highlighting the desperation to be outside when it is illegal to do so. Painted by mixing oil paint with liquin and turpentine in many layers over the canvas.

20 x 16 inches Oil paint on canvas pad

Mili & Pulgas

SKU: 117
  • 20 x 16 inches

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