An exploration of love and how two people fit together like a puzzle piece. This series came to me in a dream after I met a man I fell in love with. I dreamt of this line where two people become one. This is a closeup of the faces, whereas the other pieces in this series explore the full figures. This piece is so intimate yet relatable. Everyone has been in this position before, about to kiss, the tension is palpable. When I look at this piece I hold my breath, waiting for them to finally kiss, but they never do. I walked away from this man, even though I still cared for him very much. This series is a deep dive into love - an emotion that I seem to run away from.

As far as technique, I have a tendency for realism. For this series, I attempted to stop myself before the details were filled in. At first glance, maybe you can't even tell what it is, but once you see it, you can't unsee it. I have been working so hard on doing less with my strokes. Less details, more emotion, leaving the viewer to fill in the blanks.

Love 1

SKU: 110
  • Oil paint on canvas pad. 12 x 16 inches.

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