Caleidescopio Mural 2021

My first augmented reality mural! This mural is located in Ciudad Nueva, Santo Domingo, DR. When you look at the mural through the filter I created on instagram, the mural comes to life. This mural is a painting of my niece, my muse, little Mili. I like the think of it as seeing the world through her eyes. When you see the world like a child, you rid yourself of all the stories and drama. Things just are what they are. I hope one day to become childlike again and see the world with fresh eyes.

Virgen de Guadalupe Mural 2020

The Virgen de Guadalupe is 8 feet high by 4 feet wide - painted directly onto the cement wall in oil paint! This is one of the larger oil paintings I’ve done. I really love doing commissions that allow me to flex my artistic muscles the way this one did! Painted in January 2020 in Dorado, Puerto Rico in oil paint.

Flamboyant Mural 2019

The closet under the stairs- yes that’s right! This commission was such a treat to paint - not to mention I got to mimic VanGogh. The amount of paint -oil paint! - used to paint this mural was insane. This is by far the largest oil painting I’ve ever done so far and I cannot wait to paint many more. The bigger I paint, the bigger I want to paint! This is the first time I’ve ever painted in this style. Of course, even though it’s in VanGoghs style, I had to add a flare of Puerto Rico with the Flamboyant tree and the aloe plant. Painted in Dorado, Puerto Rico in 2019 with oil paint.

Ganesha Mural 2019

Sutra iv.3 says “incidental events do not directly cause natural evolution; they just remove the obstacles as a farmer [removes the obstacles in the water course running to the field.]” This sutra really about clearing the path for your own success. Ganesha also represents the “removal of obstacles” in all his glory. Painted in 2019 with acrylic paint at South Street Yoga and Nutrition in Morristown, NJ.

Yerbabuena Sign 2019

This beautiful airbnb in Filandia, Colombia had a difficult time getting clients to find her place. There is a photo of the old sign here, and then the new sign that I painted for her. If you ever go to Colombia, I highly recommend this spot! And now its very easy to find! Painted with acrylic paint in 2019.

Carolina del Principe Mural 2019

This space is going to be a yoga retreat - the wall around the mural will be repaired and painted white. Then it will be surrounded by all kinds of beautiful plants and flowers. The Sanskrit is the second yoga sutra which says “the restraint of the mental modifications of the mind-stuff is yoga.” The floor in front will also be redone as a wooden platform on which to practice yoga. Painted in 2019 with acrylic paint.

Finca Carolina Mural 2019

This mural is located outside a small pueblo called Filandia in Colombia. The mural reflects the fauna and flora of the beautiful surroundings. The bird painted here is called el barranquero and the butterfly is nicknamed 89/98. Painted in 2019 with acrylic paint.

East Hamptons Mural 2019

This mural was completely done with spray paint. The stencils were all cut by hand. Completed in 2019.