Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo aka Bonesy

Puerto Rican-American artist, Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo, aka Bonesy, received her BFA in Graphic Design and Painting in 2009 from the University of Notre Dame. Her figurative work is full of movement, primarily painted with oils. Although she has the technical skills to paint hyper-realism, she has been experimenting with a more expressionistic approach. The blurred lines contrast the rigid times that we are living in. Things are never as clean and decisive as we judge them to be, things are always more complex. There is no right and wrong despite the agenda of cancel culture. Her work leaves the viewer to complete the flower or figure with their own interpretation and detail.

Guided back to her roots, she is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is inspired by the vibrant culture of island life. The island is full of beautiful flowers and colors that have become a staple in her work. They started out representational, and now they are looser and simply hint at the specific plant or tree leaving the viewer to complete the details in their mind’s eye. Puerto Rico continues to have one of the strictest quarantines rules in the US. The restrictions have created a sense of urgency to get outside while she can and soak in the beauty of the island. The flowers and greenery have come to symbolize a sense of familiarity and comfort for her in this chaotic time.

Recently, she has incorporated augmented reality/animation into her paintings. Select paintings can come to life when viewed with her custom filter on Instagram. Each painting has its own movement unique to the piece, allowing for a more interactive experience. The animation can be triggered while viewing the painting or an image of the painting.


She has completed 2 art residency programs, one in São Paulo, Brazil and the other in the Lower East Side, NYC. In 2019, she spent 2 months on a Self-Guided Residency through Colombia where she painted 3 murals and visited all the museums and galleries in each city she visited. Bonesy founded a non-profit to open her own sponsored residency program in Santurce, PR ( In lieu of the studio space (pandemic), she sponsored a collaborative augmented reality project where she paid 14 artists to create a custom deck of playing cards. Then, she developed an app that augments each card, and provides a bio of the artists, links to social media, websites, etc. It has been in progress for 8 months and is set to release in May 2021.


She has mostly shown her work in NYC, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. In 2019, Bonesy was part of the Every Women Biennial in NYC and participated in Expresiones Latinx show in Morristown, NJ, where she was in the Panel Discussion on the importance of building art communities. She was part of a group show called “Art is Money - Money is Art” at Geba Art Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia. Bonesy partnered with End of Elm, a boutique restaurant in Morristown, New Jersey, to curate a rotating art exhibit to support local artists (